The Dead Zone Sticker

The Dead Zone Sticker

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Michigan has some fun, spooky things to do. Between haunted houses and hotels, ghost hunting at historic buildings, and just exploring abandoned buildings, there’s always something for people who like the eerie side of life. And when you buy this die cut sticker, available in two sizes, you can use it to point out where the good haunts are. As long as they’re in the lower peninsula! 


Small: approximately 2 x 3”

Large: approximately 3 x 4”

Jerry Shirts(yes, that’s his real name and no, he will not make you t-shirts for your family reunion) is the Detroit-based artist behind Artistic Aerosol. Since 2007, he’s been using hand-cut stencils and spray paint to create his  popart/horror/punk/art carnie world and unique style. His philosophy of “making the world uglier, one painting at a time” hints at how much his street art style is laced with a dark and twisted sense of humor.