Meet the Artists

Paradox Artist Collective is an online shop that supports an ever-growing group of independent artists and small businesses. Our goal is to bring awareness to the incredible talent and hard work of these beautiful humans and help them thrive. Every artist’s dream is to make a living off of their art, and we’re here to help as many as we can!

You’ll find our current collection of artists and vendors below. Get to know them, follow them on social media, and shop their work to show your support!


Jerry Shirts (yes, that's his real name, and no, he won't make you t-shirts for your family reunion) is the Detroit-based artist behind Artistic Aerosol. Since 2007 he's been using hand-cut stencils and spray paint to create pop art-inspired portraits of horror, punk, and pop culture icons on everything from tiles to old street signs. As self-proclaimed art carnies, he and his lovely wife, Theresa, can usually be found slingin’ their wares at some of the biggest craft shows & conventions around.



Chelsea Dolehanty is an artist of many mediums living in Flint, Michigan. From acrylic and digital paintings to beautifully strange decor made of found bones, moss, & macrame, this talented human does it all! In her paintings, dubbed an eclectic mix of psychedelic and pop art, she loves to use lots of glitter, holographic, metallic, and color shift paint to bring them to life. 



I met Jenn Lazar about 10 years ago, before her brand was born, at a buyer’s market where she was selling her handmade jewelry. Since then, I have watched her grow her business into what we now know as Citizen Ruth, a company that directly supports over 250 female, queer, and marginalized artists and makers from all over the world. In her studio in Portland, Oregon, her team creates countless products to be sold in their brick-and-mortar store as well as over 500 retail stores nationwide. Jenn has been a huge inspiration in my decision to start Paradox Artist Collective, and I hope we’re able to get on her level one day!



Cory Potter is a mixed media collage artist from Flint, Michigan. As a LOUD and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, many of Cory’s pieces celebrate the fabulousness of queer culture, and some highlight the ongoing struggles. He is also interested in the weird, the bright, the garish, the strange, and the unconventional and will use anything as an art supply. Like a squirrel, he is attracted to shiny things and free nuts.



Dean Robertson is a jewelry artist living in Washington. Dean appreciates the small things in nature and loves to turn them into lasting, wearable works of art. He uses things like reclaimed wood, dried cactus, and pinecones combined with colorful resin to create these beautifully unique earrings. To date, he has made and sold over 40,000 earrings since reclaiming his own life from drugs, homelessness, and isolation.



Meet Josh Justice (and a random waffle maker he found chillin’ in an alley one day). Josh has been voted Detroit’s Best Photographer in the Detroit Metro Times for the past 3 years in a row.     *hold for applause*     He also runs his own concert photography website, Shots From The Show, as well as a freelance photography business, Josh Justice Photography. In his downtime he enjoys burritos, long walks to the comic book store, and hanging out with cats. Not just his cats. Any cat in general. 



Hey look, it’s Josh again! Oh, and some lady you’ll see again when you scroll down a bit. Weird. Anyway, Josh and Kim Justice are a couple of Michigan artists who got their hands on a 3D printer and have zero self control. So they’ll be continuing to find (and one day, design) all of the coolest and weirdest things to print for you! 


Malissa Lagios is a Flint, Michigan based quilter and crafter. As a lover of vintage jewelry, cooking, and family life, you could say she’s a pretty nostalgic person. Malissa has lots of fond memories of watching her mother and grandmothers create beautiful quilts for her family, so she taught herself the skill and continues to carry on that legacy. In between those big quilting projects, she loves using her ever-growing collection of fabric to create other fun and functional doodads for you!


Fueled by her love of all things goblincore and mushroom-related, Hannah Clark combined that obsession with her crochet skills to start Mushie Mae Co. Hannah lives in Flint, Michigan and currently spends her downtime creating adorable things, learning Japanese, and napping with the love of her life: her cat, Vincent.




Kim Justice, the face behind Paradox Art & Design, is a neurodivergent, queer artist living in Flint, Michigan. She is also the owner of Paradox Artist Collective. She is also me. Hi! When it comes to my artwork, I do a little bit of everything from digital painting to wood burning, jewelry making to graphic design. I’m always researching and practicing new kinds of art mediums and then mashing them all together to create something weird and beautiful. A lot of my work is rooted in mental health struggles and encouraging self-acceptance. 



Dane and Joan Justice run Pine Corral Metal Art from their home in Pulaski, Tennessee. They are a great husband and wife team as Dane does the sculpting and welding and Joan does the painting and the business side of things. If creating metal sculptures isn’t enough, they also own a hay baling business, volunteer for local animal rescues, and have a stable full of horses, cats, and dogs.

Natalia Tesler, the face behind Pours In My Cup AND A Clever Medicine is a multifaceted artist and witchy queen living in Clio, Michigan. She loves all things art and nature, and that’s evident in all of her work. With fluid painting jewelry you’d swear is made of natural stones and beautifully bizarre home decor made from found animal bones and real crystals, her work is always truly one of a kind. 



Lauren Jewell is a Detroit-based rhinestoner, photographer (Roaming Roach Photography), and burlesque artist (Veronica Lockheart). Being a performer, she loves all things glittery and glamorous! But there’s a special place in her heart for a critter most don’t recognize the beauty in; roaches! Roaches are symbols of resilience and survival. They’re pretty tenacious little creatures and are a great reminder that you can do hard things.



Heather Wright is a jewelry maker, artist, graphic designer, and social media management extraordinaire from Flint, Michigan. She uses her unique style and extreme attention to detail to piece together these gorgeously strange creations. Made from vintage clock parts and found trinkets, each piece is truly one of a kind. I mean, where else are you gonna find an octopus angel baby necklace with amethysts and Swarovski crystals? I dare you to try.



Artist Melissa Eve started The Brave Wimp in 2017. Since then, she and her husband and fellow artist, Peter Clouse, have built The Brave Wimp brand into what it is today: an art-focused, eco-friendly lifestyle brand celebrating inclusivity, diversity, and representation. Since their main goal is to help make the world a better place, they donate a portion of all proceeds they earn to local and national non-profits. If you’re local to the Detroit area, go check out her shop in person at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale!



Ílíana Fernandez and Andy Kurth are a couple of incredible tattoo artists, antique hunters, adorable humans, and full-time weirdos living in Clio, Michigan. They’re almost always making art of some sort, and we’re always excited to see what weirdness they come up with next!