Off the Grid

Off the Grid

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Have you often wondered what it would be like to live off the grid? Would you enjoy hunting for your own food and powering your house with solar energy? Way out in the middle of nowhere with no mailman to bring you pesky bills or tax forms? This artist has often wondered about it but doubts he could give up a cell phone, credit card purchases at Michael’s, or a free birthday drink from Starbucks. I mean you can get any drink you want! And that’s worth dealing with humanity. If you also ponder which flavors you’d put into your dream drink, maybe this original abstract artwork is more your speed than really living off the grid. 

Cory Potter 

Off the Grid


12 x 12”


Cory Potter is a Michigan-based artist who hoards paper for collage, paint for abstracts, and glitter for both. He is interested in the weird, the bright, the queer, the garish, the strange, and the unconventional and will use anything as an art supply. Like a squirrel, he is attracted to shiny things and free nuts. He’s been included in numerous Flint Institute of Arts Student Exhibitions, Arte Della Morte at Mainsail Collective (Flint, MI 2019), Kaleidoscope of Expression at Pontiac Creative Arts Center (Pontiac, MI 2019), and the Blick Art Materials Local Artist Winter Showcase (Detroit, MI 2019). During 2020, he participated in virtual exhibitions with the Detroit Deltas (Detroit, MI) and the Harvey Milk Festival (Sarasota, FL). Follow him on Instagram at @cup_of_coco.