Green Glass Watch Face Necklace

Green Glass Watch Face Necklace

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Sometimes the artist finds she needs to use many embellishments on the large watch faces to give them enough visual interest. And sometimes, she lucks out and finds a watch face that only needs a few added touches to make it sing. This watch face was in pretty great condition, with interesting numbers, and “Rockford Watch Co.” perfectly written out. It’s a beautiful handmade piece for your collection and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Pendant Size: 2 x 2”

Chain Length: 20”

Flint-based artist, Heather Wright runs Scared Crow Steamworks. She combines the sparkle of stones and crystals with unique, vintage timepieces and quirky findings in her jewelry making. Using her critical designer eye, she creates stunning pieces that have developed a large following over the years. Currently, Paradox Artist Collective is the only place to find her one of a kind work.