Freaks Sign

Freaks Sign

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Whether they’re circus sideshow performers, weird artists, dirty poets, awkward musicians, or that guy who likes to hug low, this 20” hand-painted sign lets people know where the real party is happening. 
Just like weirdos, let your freak flag fly and just be glad you aren’t basic and vanilla! The world needs us freaks. 

Weirdo Wagon is made up of Flint-based artists, Ílí Fernandez and Andy Kurth. They are basically a junk drawer of art mediums; throwing up whatever creative brain goops come to them at any given time. Both are full-time tattoo artists but in their  downtime they enjoy expressing their love of all things weird and bizarre through their art. Follow them on Instagram at @weird0wag0n, @baldpoodles (Ílí), and @_planetkurth_ (Andy). 

Materials: Enamel on MDF

Size: 20 x 5 x .75"