Crystal Ball Sticker

Crystal Ball Sticker

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Keep those witchy vibes flowing all dang day with this crystal ball sticker! And when someone asks if you can tell their future you can say, “yeah, my crystal ball says you should run,” and then just stare at them with a creepy smile. Then report back and tell me if it worked.

Size: 2.25 x 3”

This sticker is weatherproof, fade-resistant, scratch resistant, and dishwasher-proof. So feel free to put it on any clean, smooth surface! 

The Brave Wimp is a brand founded by Detroit-based artist, Melissa Eve. The brand specializes in eco-conscious pop art wearables and home goods that celebrate diversity and inclusivity. From jewelry to stickers and candles, there’s something for everyone in her bright and inspiring collection. The Brave Wimp also donates a portion of all proceeds to many local and national non-profits. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @thebravewimp.