Yesterday on Fleming Rd

Yesterday on Fleming Rd

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This isn’t the happy clown you see at the circus making balloon animals. This beautifully tragic clown saw their clown partner “making cotton candy” with one of the trapeze artists and the lion tamer. Then they went on a drinking spree and realized popcorn doesn’t soak up alcohol like they thought it would. Or, if you buy a photo, make up your own story. Either way, it’s a great addition to your quirky art wall. 

Location: Abandoned Liquor Store in Flint, MI

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Josh Justice is a Michigan-based photographer who does anything but basic photography. Check out his Instagram @joshjusticephotography to see the all of amazing concert, boudoir, burlesque, urbex, nature, wedding, quirky, and spooky photoshoots he’s done. He often does events for Detroit’s Metro Times, is a two-time Best of Detroit winner for photography, and is a participating artist in the 2022 Dirty Show in Detroit. More importantly than all this photography mumbo jumbo, he’s also an amateur burrito eater because no one will pay him. Yet. But stay tuned, because things are always changing for him.