Black Palm Earrings

Black Palm Earrings

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These earrings certainly come with a great story. Dean Robertson hand sets, hand cuts, and hand crafts these stunning earrings using slices of black palm wood. They are sure to stand out from any other earrings you own. They might even become your favorite pair if you can stand all the compliments you’ll get when you wear them!

Materials: black palm wood, hypoallergenic surgical steel ear wire

Size: 2”

These eye-catching earrings are handmade in Washington by Dean Robertson of Forest Life Creations. 

Dean says that all of his unique jewelry is inspired by the voices within the wood. Deep in the old growth forest of South East Alaska, Dean learned to see the small things in nature and turn them into lasting, wearable works of art. He uses mostly reclaimed wood in his process and has made and sold over 40,000 earrings since reclaiming his own life from drugs, homelessness, and isolation. 

As he once told a sad woman whose tree had died and was being cut down, “I can give your tree new life!” And this is a motto he lives by.