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 Size: Approximately 4 x 14”

Natalia Lafuente Tesler is a multifaceted artist. Her love of nature and all things green inspires her creations. She enjoys working in all mediums, especially poured art. Her paintings are always one of a kind, and the combination of colors and flow will speak to you. These particular paintings are done on ceramic tile, which is a perfect base for her colorful explorations. 

Even though she can pour on many objects (even furniture!), tiles are some of this Michigan-based artist’s most requested things to make. They make great gifts for yourself or anyone who would appreciate something handmade and out of the ordinary. Don’t forget to check out her amazing poured jewelry, as well! 

Let your mind be entertained with color and enjoy the art of pouring. 

Size: 4.25 x 4.25”