Perchance to Dream 1

Perchance to Dream 1

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Did you know that when pumpkins aren’t picked for Halloween decorations, they mature into glorious specimens? These two lovers grew up in neighboring patches and somehow managed to avoid rotting on a porch. After she messaged him on patch. com, he was instantly hooked. After their fifth date, they got matching carvings and agreed to spend the rest of their lives together. And this photo is proof that they love to frolic in the fields. So, if buying this photo doesn’t make you believe in true love, nothing will. But buy it anyway, just to make sure. 

Location: Flushing, MI

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Josh Justice is a Michigan-based photographer who does anything but basic photography. Check out his Instagram @joshjusticephotography to see the all of amazing concert, boudoir, burlesque, urbex, nature, wedding, quirky, and spooky photoshoots he’s done. He often does events for Detroit’s Metro Times, is a two-time Best of Detroit winner for photography, and is a participating artist in the 2022 Dirty Show in Detroit. More importantly than all this photography mumbo jumbo, he’s also an amateur burrito eater because no one will pay him. Yet. But stay tuned, because things are always changing for him.